1969 Chevy Shortbed With Factory Air, 350/350, 373 Posi.  The First 2 Photos Are What It Looked Like Before It Was Torn Down.  I Guess With Everything, The More You Tear Into It The More You Want To Do.  My Goal Is To Make It Look Nothing Like This, Hopefully Much Better.



Options Sheet...


Replaced Tore Up Dash



Rust Fixed In Drivers Side Lower Front Corner Of Door



Passenger Side Rocker\Hinge Pillar Bottom Replaced.  Jam Stripped.



Drivers Side Rocker\Hinge Pillar Bottom Replaced.  Jam Stripped



Firewall Stripped And In The Process Of Smoothing Out.



Thanks To My Buddy Mike, I Will No Longer Be Needing The Gas Fill Hole In The Cab Anymore.


Rallye Wheels 15X8 Fronts & 15X10 Rears With Stainless Steel "Disk Brake" Center Caps.



The Rear 10" Rallye's Fill Up The Wheel Well Nicely, The 8" Wheels Look Bad...Too Much Space Between The Wheel And Fender. 



Newly Installed Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar And "C" Notch



Painless Wiring Harness With A/C Harness



Some Of The Cool New Stuff That Was Purchased For The Truck.



- Although I Am No Where Close To Being Finished, I Wanted To Give Credit Where Credit Is Due -

- Kudos To My Buddy Mike, Who Has Come Over Nearly Every Weekend To Bust Butt Helping Me With This Truck.  I Would Not Have Nearly This Much Done Without Him, Thanks.

- Thanks To My Wife Kim And My Son Mike For Coming To My Rescue When I Ask Them To.  Also, For Putting Up With My Crap When Things Aren't Going The Way I Have Them In My Head.

- Thanks To My Brother Todd And My Dad For Helping To Get This Beast From Yucaipa To Mission Viejo And Stuffed In My Garage.

Talk About A Great Friend.....

Today My Buddy Mike Came By To Give Me A Hand On The Truck.  He Had Me Go Out To His Truck To See What He Had Did To It (He Seemed To Be Fairly Upset), I Get Out There And He Points To A Box In The Bed Of His Truck And Says "Check It Out".  I Start Reading The Box And It Says "Gas Tank, Replacement, 67-72 Chevrolet/GMC Blazer"....NO WAY!!!  He Bought Me A New Blazer Gas Tank For My Truck, How Cool Is That?  He Just Felt A Need To Get It For Me, He Knew It Was Not A Present Need But That I Eventually Was Going To Do It. 


Mike Hard At Work - The 2nd Picture Is What Happens When You Inhale Too Many Paint Chips.



Stripped Both Doors, Top And Bed Sides.  Welded Extra Holes And Repaired A Pinhole Rust Spot In The Passenger Door.  Also, I Had My 2 - 8" Corvette Rallye's Swapped Out For The 7" Ones Today.



Firewall Was Stripped And All The Factory Spot Welds And Imperfections Smoothed Out For A Nice Clean Look


Core Support Had 2 Humps That Were Smoothed Out And All The Extra Holes Were Filled, How The Factory Should Have Done It.

Before                               After                             Painted



Stripped Paint From The Rear Of The Cab And Front Of The Bed.  Also Stripped The Majority Of The Inside Cab Area, Minus The Top.



Sprayed Primer On The Drivers Door, Tailgate, Inside/Outside The Cab, Front Of Bed And The Drivers Fender



Not Sure, But I Don't Think Gold Is Mike's Color




The Chrome Is Gone And The Bed And Fender Are Back On


Roughed In The Drivers Fender And Bedside, Filled In The Spot Welds In The Drivers Door Jam, Stripped And Primered The Drivers Hinges.  Put On A Couple Of Heavy Coats Of High Build Primer.


I Thought That the Hole For The Factory Jack Spring Looked Out Of Place So, We Welded In A Round Filler.  I Think It Looks Much Cleaner.  The Door Jam Looks Much Cleaner Without All Of The Spot welds Where The Cab Corner Comes Inside The Door Jam.



Finally Got Around To Painting The Inside Of The Fenders And Core Support.  You Can See Where It Goes From More Of An Orange To More Of A Yellow Where The Flash Hit.    The Color Is A House Of Kolor Tangelo Pearl. 



Finished Off The Inside Of The Cab Today.  Had To Break It Up Into Sections Due To The Limited Space, Lighting And Ventilation.  Much To My Surprise, It Turned Out Far Better Than Expected Which Is Always A Plus.  Next Step Will Be To Shoot The Inside Of The Doors And Install And Align Them. 

Cab Was Stripped, 2K Epoxy Primed, 2K High-Build Primer Until The Imperfections Were Massaged Out, 2K House Of Kolor White Sealer (As Seen On The Floor), 4 Coats Of House Of Kolor PBC Tangelo Pearl Followed Up With 4 Coats Of PPG DCU2010 Speed Clear (Great Stuff).  All Of The Interior With Exception Of the Jams Were Done With A Sata NR2000, 1.3 Tip.  Jams Were Shot With A Cheap Little Blue Point HVLP Touch Up Gun, 1.0 Tip



Shot The Inside of The Doors And The Tilt Steering Wheel That Was Rebuilt.  The Other Is With It Assembled (Minus Gear Lens) With My Min Pins



Installed The Steering Column Closer To The Dash For more Room



B-Quiet Ultimate Sound Deadener All Through The Cab.  Still Need A Bit To Do The Rear Wall And Inside The Doors.  Test Fit The New Carpet, Looks Great.



Spent The Day Installing The New Rear Glass With New Rubber And Trim, Side Windows With All New Side Scrapers, Channels And Felts And New Front Window With New Rubber And New Trim. 



Okay, Progress Has Been Slow.  Was Able To Put In The Gauge Cluster Today For Pictures.   Waiting On The Tachometer To Come In At The End Of The Month So The Bezel Can Be Painted Tangelo (The Black Areas) And Put The Silver Face On It And Wrap Up The Gauge Cluster.  Here Are A Few Pictures.



Got All The Parts Together To Finally Finish Up The Instrument Cluster.  At First I Thought It Might Be Too Much Tangelo, But I REALLY Love This Color.  The Factory Tachometer Finally Arrived,  Happy To Say We Can Now Move On To Wiring The Thing.  I Know it Is Difficult To Tell, But The Needles Were All Airbrushed Tangelo As Well.




Came To The Realization That I Would Not Be Happy Unless The Firewall Was Shaved And The Wire Gutter Capped.  Wish I Would Have Decided This BEFORE It Was Painted The First Time...Better Now Than When It's All Together I Guess.



Took Out The Tilt Column And Brake Master Cylinder And Booster So They Would Not Get Scratched Or Get Overspray During The New Modifications, Plus There Are More Holes That Need To Disappear.



Removed The Motor And Trans So We Can Clean Them Up And Replace Gaskets.  Got A Wild Hair And Decided To Remove The Hump On The Passenger Side Lip, Right Above Where The A/C Holes Were.  Now It Looks More Symmetrical To The Drivers Side




Roughed In The Firewall A Little Today, Starting To Look Like I Envisioned It.


Working On The Firewall Some More And Got It Into Primer, Need To Block Sand It Out And Get It Ready To Paint. 



Also, Decided To Finally Go Ahead And Shave The Tailgate.  Used Part Of A Full Skin That Didn't Fit Right.  The Top Portion Of The Skin Was Shaped Differently Than The Tailgate So It Was Cut Off And Just Used It From The Lip Down.



Here It Is July 1st, 2012.  My Truck Is Finally On The Road.  I Have Two Awesome Cousins that Took The time Out Of Their Busy Lives To Fly Down From Washington State To Help Me With My Truck.  My Cousin Phil Came Down In December 2011 For Three Weeks And Helped With Body Work And Paint.  Then Phil Came Down Again With My Cousin Jimmy the End Of May 2012 For Two Weeks And They Both Busted Their Butts Helping To Get The Truck On The Road For Our Upcoming Move.  Complete Painless Wiring Went In, Plumbed The Stainless Brake Lines, Installed The Tank And Ran The Lines, Installed All My New Engine Goodies And Got Her Fired Up And Timed. 

I Must Say, After 7 Years Sitting In The Garage With Me Only Being Physically Able To Work On Her For Short Periods Of Time, It Was The Greatest Feeling In The World To Here Her Finally Run...Music To My Ears.

Phil And Jimmy Hard At Work With The Painless Wiring.



White House Of Kolor Sealer On Firewall.  The White Base Really helps The Tangelo To "Pop".

House Of Kolor Tangelo Pearl Base Coat Before the Clear Was Laid Down.


And Here It Is With The Clear.


Now I Had to Paint The Engine And Trans Tangelo To Match.  Hours And Hours Went Into Smoothing Them Out To Make Them Smooth Enough For Paint.  Last Two Of The Trans Was Out In The Sun.



Motor And Trans Going In


Various Shots Of The Engine Compartment As I Get More And More Parts Installed.



Gas Tank And Drop Down Remote Battery Box Behind Passenger Under The Bed


She's A Runner!




More to Come As I Find A Place To Shoot It.  I Will Be Needing Both Hips Replaced Soon So It May Very Well Be Another 7 Years Before She's Painted...Hopefully Not Though.

Another Kudos To My Great Friends And Awesome Family That Have Helped Me Get To This Point.

My Wife Kim And Son Mike Jr.

My Best Friend Mike June

My Awesome Cousins Phil Vangen And Jimmy Mathes
















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